From here forward, we are dedicating 1% of our annual revenue towards environmental causes.

Thistle & Sprig is now officially part of 1% for the Planet! This non-profit started by the founder of Patagonia brings together businesses and non-profits financially committed to creating a healthy planet. We're excited to join an international community of other eco-conscious businesses, from small to large. You can learn more about the organization and their mission here.

We're taking action on one of our 2021 goals and doubling our sustainability efforts.

As a growing small business, we understand that as we scale, so do our impacts. We're thankful that we continue to grow year over year, and with that we are continually evaluating our choices as a participant in a capitalist economy that doesn't necessarily hold businesses to account for their social, economic and environmental impacts.

While we have had an awareness of our environmental footprint from the beginning, from choosing earth friendly materials to prioritizing organically grown ingredients and vendor partnerships with shared values, we are continuing to look for ways to mitigate or offset our impacts.

Further ahead, we have some improvements and new product offerings we're really excited about that will also built upon our sustainability values.