Covid-19 Policies & Prevention Measures


Thistle & Sprig is pausing operations until April 1st.

Based on the advice of public health experts, the most prudent thing we can do at this time is drastically reduce our exposure in public places. While specific guidelines vary from state to state and different governmental entities, what is clear is that the guidelines are lagging rather than proactively curbing this crisis.

There are things we can do.

Social distancing and limiting non-essential (even local) travel is important. Other things that are also important are getting outside for fresh air, sun and exercise, properly nourishing ourselves, getting adequate sleep, and supporting each other. Now is the time to recuperate, rejuvenate, and focus on building resilience for the future.

In terms of preventative measures, all our teas are blended in a licensed commercial facility with extensive sanitation and handwashing standards. Food manufacturing facilities are already well equipped with procedures and supplies to prevent the transmission of disease. When we resume operations, we will employ heightened standards in our packaging & shipping processes to reduce any risks of transmission.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy, and reach out with any questions!