Frequently Asked Questions


Are your teas organic?

We strive to source the highest quality, ethical ingredients possible. We work with many farms directly and choose our producers based on both their environmental and their social welfare impacts. Several of the farms we work with are certified organic, others are organic in practice but have not invested in certification. In short, some of our teas would qualify for organic certification but not all; the rest are sustainably grown but do not have the certification further down the supply chain. We have intentionally chosen creating a more direct line from garden to cup over the ability to qualify for certifications.


Are your teas vegan?

Yes! They are naturally free of all animal products.


Are your teas gluten free?

Yes! They are uncertified but naturally gluten free.


I finished my tea! What should I do with the tea tin?

We encourage you to reuse the tin as it is the best storage method for protecting teas from air, light and moisture. However our tins are also fully recyclable through any curbside recycling program. If you feel guilty about getting rid of it, know that it is one of the most easily recyclable materials.


Your tin liners look like plastic. Are they really compostable?

Yes! They are in fact cellulose, not plastic, and are made of renewable wood pulp harvested from sustainable managed forests. The liners are completely biodegradable and backyard compostable – we even compost them ourselves. The little sticker sealing the tin liner is compostable too.