Fine Basket Infuser

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This versatile mesh basket infuser is a great, eco-friendly addition to any beverage lover's kitchen and nice compact size for travel. The easy-to-use basket fits well with just about any mug. Handles fold down for tidy storage.


Made of 100% eco-friendly, food grade stainless steel, packaged in a natural kraft box. Now comes with a dual-purpose lid/drip dish.


Steeping your tea in the basket infuser gives your tea leaves ample room to breathe. The dual-purpose lid keeps tea hot as it steeps—vital when steeping sensitive, lower temp teas. For multiple infusions, turn the lid into a drip dish for the basket and set aside until you're ready for another round of tea.


The basket infuser also works well for coffee. It makes for a richer brew with a textured mouth feel, similar to a french press. Simply add a scoop of coffee to the basket and immerse in hot water for approximately 4 minutes. A coarse grind is recommended. 

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