Check out our Top Floral Blends

Looking for a floral tea? We got you covered. Travel by scent and taste through this exquisite area of the world of tea. We use only the freshest botanicals we can find, and we source certified organic when possible.

Farmhouse Lavender

1. FARMHOUSE LAVENDER (caffeine-free)

One of our most popular blends, this naturally sweet and berry-tart herbal tea is blended from fragrant lavender, red hibiscus, and lemon balm. 100% organic.

Prodigal Garden Tea


2. PRODIGAL GARDEN (caffeinated)

If you like floral with your caffeine, this one's for you. A smooth black tea complemented with chamomile, rose and calendula. It's called prodigal garden because it's like a veritable floral bounty in your cup. 100% organic.

Twilight Cheer Tea

3. TWILIGHT CHEER (caffeine-free)

This is a one-two punch--floral and spiced, perfect for holidays, or just for getting cozy in the evenings or on a rainy day. Earthy chamomile is rounded out with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and clove. 100% organic.


Jasmine Serenity Green Tea


4. SERENITY (caffeinated)

A robust yet smooth green tea, scented with pure jasmine flowers (no fake flavorings here), sourced directly from a family-run farm in Taiwan.

Traveler Rose Green Tea

5. TRAVELER (caffeinated)

One of our newer blends, this is a naturally sweet Nepalese green tea, paired with rose petals to emphasize those floral notes 100% organic.

Four Sisters Chamomile-Lavender Herbal Tea

6. FOUR SISTERS (caffeine-free)

Last but not least is our top-selling blend, Four Sisters. It's a well-balanced blend of four garden sisters: chamomile, lavender, peppermint and lemongrass. 100% organic.