Why Loose Leaf

Loose leaf teas are made of whole or large leaves, rather than much smaller tea particles used in tea bags, sometimes even dust or fannings. The loose leaf method preserves the integrity of the plant to maintain freshness longer, provide more robust flavors, and retain more antioxidants. A single serving of loose leaf tea can generally be steeped 2-3 times because the flavor is so much stronger.

Another reason is that tea’s best company is tea, meaning that it stores better when it is less exposed to different odors and to oxygen. Storing in bulk thus keeps tea much fresher than storing in single servings (such as with bagged tea). 

Lastly, we also prefer loose leaf because it is a more environmentally friendly way to consume tea. There is little to no waste involved, and you can easily compost the spent leaves. Try steeping your tea in a reusable tea infuser, a single use (compostable!) paper filter, a french press, or the classic--a teapot!