All About Matcha

Tea gardens
Tea gardens.

We are excited to announce that after a Spring 2023 Japan trip, we are now offering matcha! Our newest product is a ceremonial grade, certified organic matcha, freshly milled from whole tea leaves produced in the Shizuoka tea region of Japan.

Uji Bridge Tea Plants

Uji Bridge, lined with tea plants.

What is matcha?

Macha is a type of green tea produced by grinding whole leaf green tea leaves into a fine powder. One of the most unusual and amazing things about matcha is that you're consuming the whole leaf. Matcha contains caffeine, as well as theanine, which is said to promote a relaxing effect.

What does matcha mean exactly?

Matcha (抹茶) comes from two words: "matsu" meaning "ground" and "cha" meaning "tea"in more than one language, in fact!

Tea Plant

Close-up of tasty leaves on a tea plant.

What Does Ceremonial Grade Mean?

There are generally three main grades for matcha. Ceremonial is the highest caliber. The term indicates that it's good enough even for tea ceremonies, though you don't need a ceremony to appreciate the quality! Cafe is the middle grade, generally used for matcha lattes. Culinary is the third grade, offering a basic matcha flavor for baking and flavoring foods, but not recommended for beverages.

Shopping For Matcha

A good quality matcha is a bright and vivid deep green color, full of flavor, and with little to no bitterness. There's a range of flavors even within ceremonial grade matcha. Some are more vegetal, seaweed, astringent, sweet, etc. Ours is smooth and bright with grassy notes and a sweet finish. Shop our matcha or learn more here.