Dockside Iced Tea

Dockside Iced Tea

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Need a reprieve from the heat? Stay cool with Dockside, a lemony black iced tea made of high elevation, Ceylon orange pekoe leaves bursting with flavor and a slight briskness. It'll keep you as refreshed as a splash of water in the hot summer sun.


Contains 2.8 oz, approx. 32 servings.

Black tea, organic lemon peel, pure lemon extract.

To make one 64-oz pitcher: Steep 4 tablespoons in 4 cups hot water in a separate container just below boiling (200°F) for 8 minutes. If desired, add 1 cup sugar or sweetener while tea is steeping. Pour hot tea over 6 cups of ice cubes in pitcher and stir. Garnish with fresh fruit and enjoy.


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